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Rules Of Engagement

You will not be able to change these rules no matter how much you yell/scream/kiss/hit. In other words, this is the law you will live by when you step on the field as a MilSim City player. MilSim City reserves the right to change/alter or add to these rules at any time.

1. You must be 12 years of age or older to play at MilSim City.
2. 12-17 year of age. Must have a parent or legal guardian sign a waiver form.
3. All players must sign a waiver 
All Guests and customers must adhere to this policy. If you are caught attempting to deceive MilSim City about your age, you will be banned.
Safety First: The following rules are here for your safety and will not be debated.

1. You will never openly transport your guns to/from games.
This is for your own safety. Get a bag and use it. The general public does not know it is not a real gun. The police man does not know it is not a real gun.

2. You will wear ANSI rated FULL seal safety glasses when you are anywhere on the field.
You will know if your eyewear is ANSI rated if it says one of the following: ANSI Z87.1 or ANSI Z87.1+ Your prescription glasses are not ANSI rated. If you need glasses you must use something over them. If at any time you see someone without the required glasses on it is your duty to yell to stop the game and notify a referee so that that individual may safely exit the field. If you do not know if your glasses/goggles/mesh is acceptable please see any referee for verification. If you are under 18 you will wear a full face mask. If you are over 18 you must wear a mask, smog, mouth guard, or other item to keep your teeth and mouth safe from BB’s.

3. You will remove your guns magazine and clear the action before entering the safe zone.
At MilSim City we have a loading and briefing zone. This area is for people who are not actively participating in the games and would like to remain safe from bb fire. This rule is based on a very simple concept: If you cannot fire a bb you cannot harm someone. When you are loading up for a game do not put a magazine in your gun. When you come back from a game to rest in the safe zone remove your magazine from the gun and shoot it once or twice to make sure it is clear. You can be sure we will find anyone that still has their magazine in their gun. You will get one warning and then you will be asked to sit out a game.

4. No arguing.
MilSim City has a zero tolerance policy for arguing. That means if you begin to argue over something (anything) you will be automatically ejected for the game. You will not be allowed to return to game play until you talk this over with a referee and the other person involved. We are all here to have fun not be yelled at.

This might sound a bit weird considering that we are shooting each other, but MilSim City has a very strict policy about this. This is a simple rule. If you strike someone in any fashion you will be asked to leave FOREVER. We are not talking a game or a month, FOREVER. The same goes for shooting someone in anger. You get mad on the field, we all do, but at MilSim City you WILL WALK OFF THE FIELD. If you begin to argue you’re out for the day, if you hit/kick/spit/shoot etc. you will be gone permanently.

6. Chronograph:
MilSim City will chronograph each and every single gun that is used on the field with .20 BB’s. We reserve the right to chronograph a gun at any time; it does not matter if you were chronographed 5 mins before. Anyone caught adjusting their FPS after being chronoed will be banned. If a referee requests to chrono you will comply or be asked to leave without a refund. At MilSim City we use a accepted FPS system for CQB play, 400 FPS with .20g BB’s and under is ok to use. 401 FPS and above is too fast and your gun will be not allowed. There is no max BB weight.

7. Getting Hit:
Everyone gets hit, it is a fact. When you are hit, you will raise your hand or gun into the air and yell “HIT!!!” at the top of your lungs, so your enemy will know to stop engaging you. You will then cease to speak until you are back in the game (the dead do not talk). A hit is contact anywhere on your body or equipment. Once hit you are now out until you a) re-spawn at a re-spawn point or b) a medic reaches you and brings you back into the game. When you are hit, all of your weapons are useless until you re-enter the game through a re-spawn or medic.
A weapon hit disables your weapon (but not you). If your primary weapon is hit you can switch to a side arm secondary or follow this jam clearing process.
1. Remove the Mag
2. Rack the charging handle twice
3. Re-Insert the mag
4. Rack the charging handle and your primary is ready to fire again.

Those that do not call their hits will be ejected from the game by a referee. If they continue to not call their hits at subsequent games they will be asked to LEAVE without compensation. Cheaters will be photographed and their picture will be hung on the wall of shame. If it becomes a habit a person will be banned from MiSim City for a determined length of time.

8. Knife kills:
At MilSim City everyone has the ability to use a “knife” to kill you. These knives are ALWAYS dull rubber/foam training weapons that can never cut someone. Anything else will not be allowed. The only allowable way to kill someone with a knife is to tap them with it. You will NOT stab someone with it. You will NEVER THROW the knife. Tap them out and they are done.

9. NO Surrenders:
In MilSim City we have no surrenders. Many places have a surrender rule but we seek to make MilSim City as realistic as possible. With the exception of possible game variants you will never surrender an opponent.

10. Radios:
Scanning of enemy radio channels is allowed; However other Electronic Warfare (such as jamming enemy frequencies) is NOT allowed. Radio Jamming is the quick way to the ban hammer. “Jamming” – a popular definition.
1) Preventing the enemy from transmitting messages by holding the PTT down.
2) Transmitting any message at all on enemy frequencies. Many of us pay the big bucks ($$$) for radio gear, so we expect to use it in-game. While intel-stealing may be allowed, denial of communication is not.

11. Weapon Class
CQB: Anyone below 400 is zero ft engagement. Semi auto only.
Support weapons: up to 450fps, can go full auto 25ft engagement distance. Must have a side arm, must be a replica support gun LMG
Sniper class: must be a Bolt action.
600fps or lower
100ft engagement distance. Must have a side arm

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